A Practical Guide to Living Expenses in North Cyprus

Choosing to live in North Cyprus provides a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to immerse oneself in a rich blend of culture, history, and natural beauty. Understanding the living expenditures is critical as you plan your relocation for a smooth transition and an enjoyable life on this wonderful island.


  1. Accommodation: Your second home:

The cost of lodging in North Cyprus varies according to criteria such as location, size, and facilities. A one-bedroom apartment in the city center normally costs between €400 and €700 per month. Prices may rise for individuals seeking more expansive options or expensive apartments. Suburban locations frequently provide more cheap housing options.


  1. Utilities: Maintaining Comfort:

Electricity, water, heating, and conditioning are all fairly affordable. A typical apartment’s monthly bills range from €50 to €100. Internet and cell phone services are also reasonably priced, so you can stay connected without breaking the bank.


  1. Grocery and Dining: A Culinary Adventure:

North Cyprus has a mix of local markets and stores where you may buy fresh food and daily necessities. A single person’s monthly grocery spending typically varies from €150 to €200. If you want to eat out on occasion, a meal at a mid-range restaurant may cost roughly €20 per person.


  1. Transportation: Getting about:

Taking public transportation is a cheap method to go about the island. Buses are a common mode of transportation, with short-distance rates ranging from €1 to €2. Taxis are also available, albeit their rates may be significantly higher. Having a car incurs additional costs such as fuel, insurance, and maintenance.


  1. Prioritization in Healthcare Well-being:

North Cyprus’s healthcare services are of high quality and reasonably priced in comparison to other Western countries. Medical expenses, which can range from €50 for a doctor’s appointment to greater charges for specialized treatments or hospital stays, are best covered by health insurance.


  1. Leisure and Entertainment: Exciting Opportunities:

A balanced lifestyle requires participation in leisure activities and entertainment. Cinema tickets, gym memberships, and cultural events can all be obtained without breaking the bank. Exploring the island’s natural beauty, historical sites, and thriving nightlife can also be inexpensive and educational.


  1. Education: Investing in Knowledge:

If you have children, North Cyprus has a variety of educational facilities, including English-language universities. Tuition rates vary by school and degree of education, with options to accommodate a variety of budgets.


North Cyprus, in summary, provides a comfortable and reasonable lifestyle with a varied spectrum of living expenses. While prices vary depending on personal preferences and lifestyle choices, the island’s charm, gorgeous landscapes, and inviting people make it a welcoming location for both expats and natives. Tadian Holding is dedicated to assisting you in making informed decisions and providing comprehensive assistance for a smooth transition to life in North Cyprus.


Here’s a detailed breakdown of living expenses in North Cyprus:

Housing Costs:

One-bedroom apartment in the city center: €400 to €700 per month

Three-bedroom apartment: €600 to €1000 per month

Food Expenses:

Typical meal at a local restaurant: around €10

Groceries for a week: €25 to €50


Single bus ticket: around €1

Taxi (average fare for a 10-minute ride): around €5


Monthly bill for electricity and water (small apartment): €50 to €80

High-speed internet: €30 to €50 per month

Education Costs:

Tuition for undergraduate programs: €2,500 to €5,000 per year


To provide a broader perspective, here are some additional comparisons to living expenses in North Cyprus:


Basic dinner out for two in a neighborhood pub: (£19)

1 beer in a neighborhood pub (500ml or 1pt.): (£2.38)

1 month of gym membership in a business district: (£28)

1 package of Marlboro cigarettes: (£2.13)

Standard men’s haircut in an expat area of the city: (£5.79)

Taxi trip on a business day, basic tariff: (£8)

1 liter (1/4 gallon) of gas: (£0.9)

Monthly rent for a 45 m2 (480 sqft) furnished studio in a normal area: (£300)

Monthly rent for 85 m2 (900 sqft) furnished accommodation in an expensive area: (£700)

Basic lunchtime menu (including a drink) in the business district: (£9)

Combo meal in a fast-food restaurant (Big Mac meal or similar): (£5.55)

500 gr (1 lb.) of boneless chicken breast: (£2.46)

1 liter (1 qt.) of whole fat milk: (£0.82)

12 eggs, large: (£2.11)

1 kg (2 lb.) of tomatoes: (£1.33)

500 gr (16 oz.) of local cheese: (£4.10)

1 kg (2 lb.) of apples: (£1.33)

1 kg (2 lb.) of potatoes: (£0.94)

0.5 l (16 oz) domestic beer in the supermarket: (£0.80)

1 bottle of red table wine, good quality: (£6)

2 liters of Coca-Cola: (£0.93)

Bread for 2 people for 1 day: (£0.72)


By understanding these living expenses, you can create a realistic budget and confidently embrace your new life in North Cyprus. Keep in mind that prices may vary based on personal preferences, location, and lifestyle choices. Thorough research and financial planning are key to ensuring a smooth transition and an enjoyable experience in your new home.