Comprehensive Guide to Obtaining Residency

Are you considering making North Cyprus your new home? Tadian Holding offers expert immigration services to guide you through the intricacies of obtaining residency in this captivating Mediterranean paradise. Our dedicated team is committed to providing you with the information and assistance you need to navigate the process smoothly.


Understanding the Residency Permit Process for Property Owners

Foreign nationals who possess immovable property in North Cyprus have the opportunity to secure a renewable one-year residency permit for the first three years. Afterward, they can obtain a two-year renewal permit, provided they hold the title deeds registered under their names.


Criteria for Residency Permit for Property Owners

To be eligible for a residency permit as a property owner, you must meet certain criteria:

Possess a suitable residential property in use.

If a dwelling’s title deed is divided among shareholders, only one shareholder can receive a short-term residence permit.

If property was purchased through a contract, a minimum of one-third of the sale price must be paid, and permission from the Council of Ministers to acquire the property is required.

Proof of sufficient income is necessary, either equal to one monthly minimum wage for those owning property with a registered title deed or additional to monthly installment amounts for contract-acquired property.

Foreigners above sixty without legal permission must obtain a residence permit.

Student Residence Permits

Foreigners attending higher education institutions in North Cyprus must hold a student residence permit. The application process is conducted through a specially designed online portal.

Family Residence Permits

Sponsors, including TRNC citizens, residency permit holders, business permit holders, student residence permit holders, and foreign workers legally employed for over a year, can cover the expenses of foreign family members seeking to join them.

Short-Term Residence Permits

Short-term residence permits are granted for up to one year, with duration determined by specific circumstances.

Exemptions from Residence Permits

Certain individuals are exempt from obtaining residence permits, including spouses of TRNC citizens, stateless individuals, minors under 18, individuals over 18 living with parents or guardians who are citizens, certain diplomats, and more.


Application Process

The application process involves submitting required documentation to the Immigration Authority within thirty days of entry. Renewals can be filed between sixty and twenty days before the permit’s expiry. Applications are assessed by the Immigration Authority, then submitted to the Immigration Department for final evaluation.


Visa Types Granted by TRNC

North Cyprus offers various visa types:

Tourist Visa: Up to 30 days for leisure, potentially extended to 90 days.

Internship, Course, Exchange Program, In-Service Training Visa: Up to 90 days for educational pursuits.

Work Permit Visa: A 30-day permit for those with preliminary work permits.

Business Establishment Visa: 30 days for entrepreneurs starting a business.

Residence Permit Visa: Different types of visas for various residence permit applications.


Travel Document Validity

Make sure your travel documents meet validity requirements:

Citizens of countries with TRNC representation need passports valid for at least 2 months.

Citizens of other countries require passports valid for at least 6 months.


Entering and Departing North Cyprus

Entry and exit are facilitated through designated ports and border crossings with valid passports or travel documents.


Navigating Residency with Tadian Holding

Tadian Holding’s immigration services offer comprehensive guidance for those seeking residency in North Cyprus. Our team ensures that you understand the regulations, meet the criteria, and proceed through the process seamlessly. Embrace your new chapter in North Cyprus with confidence through Tadian Holding’s expertise. Contact us today to embark on your journey to residency.